The IEYC Learning Strands That Implemented In Global Sevilla Jakarta

The IEYC Learning Strands That Implemented In Global Sevilla Jakarta

When it comes to perfectly integrating curriculum, then you should check out how the school tries to adapt the ideology. In this case, IEYC or the international Early Years Curriculum has four learning strands that are adaptable and adjustable in the class. So, how Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta integrate the strands? Here is the answer.


The Learning Strands Of IEYC

  1. Independence And Interdependence

This particular strand links to numerous personal goals and the international dimension of IEYC, which means there are tons of ideas to applies. In this case, the focus is on developing social, personal, and emotional development. Global Sevilla tries to integrate it by providing sensory fun, playing games, and fusing the mindfulness approach in the school programs.


  1. Communicating

In the case of communicating, each of the students is demanded to be more independent. After that, they will be given time to talk and interact with classmates or teachers. There are many ways to do it, and Global Sevilla takes the liberty to employ fun and entertaining learning in the class. Thus, the student will be more engaged.

Another quite visible thing is the preschool Jakarta gives basic skills learning for the younger students. They will learn shapes and numbers. After that, this strand is also applied through sensory fun, experiment, games, reciting songs and rhymes, and plays. The focus is to develop students’ communication skills through speaking, listening, reading, art, computing, etc.


  1. Enquiring

In the higher degree of preschool students will gain a plethora of more challenging activities. It can be in the form of games, plays, or problem-solving materials, which are a means to help them understand people and the world. Here, the student will develop their logical thinking. Along with other skills, students will be able to explore many things to sharpen inquiry skills.


  1. Healthy Living And Physical Well-Being

The last strand focusing on a positive attitude, which consists of health, self-care, and physical activity. Throughout many activities in the preschool Jakarta, most of them will comprise of motoric skill development. The student may have to perform fine motoric skills, such as exercising or acrobatic. Global Sevilla also uses a mindfulness approach to maintain a positive mental attitude.

What is mean by the strands is the main focus or goals. That is why many schools are interested to do and adopt the curriculum in the preschool. In this case, Global Sevilla successfully implements all of the ideas throughout the programs. From toddlers to kindergarten, the student will learn independence, communication, enquiring, and healthy lives.

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